Product Description

Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo would have loved this tasty gourmet Italian basket. We feature our Italian Love Story. A classic Italian Sauce or as we say in our family an authentic homemade Italian Sunday gravy. Two Nonnie’s Tuscan Italian style dressing and marinade. Made with red, white and balsamic vinegars, imported olive oil, rose wine and robust herbs and spices. Olio Extra Vergine Di Oliva (Extra Virgin olive oil from olives harvested in Italy) in a beautiful hand made olive oil decanter. Delicate gourmet salsa truffle sauce. Pasta di Stigliano hand cut and imported from Italy. Ferrarini Salame Parma 8.8 oz . Bella di Cerignola. imported organic green olives from Italy. Imported extra large organic Roman artichokes. Virgoli Cestino delle Delizie. A chocolate biscotti Frollini. Pirouline chocolate hazelnut cream filled wafers. Renaissance Tuscan Seasoning, an inspired spice blend. Can be used to make an infused dipping oil. A heavenly Italian Gourmet Basket. Fantastico!