Product Description

This hand crafted basket is one of our most popular. Featuring “Italian Love Story.” An authentic home made Italian Sunday Gravy. Nonnie’s Tuscan Italian Style Dressing and Marinade. Made with white, red and balsamic vinegars, imported olive oil, rose wine and robust herbs and spices. Floribian Tangerine dressing and marinade. Think fresh ocean breezes married with tropical flavors! JD’s Champion BBQ Sauce. Sweet, tangy and smoky with a little kick made with 27 ingredients. Cluck N’ Awesome Wing Sauce. A peck of a kick followed by a velvety smooth finish with fresh honey and garlic. Poco Loco Salsa. Fresh Authentic “Mexican Rojo Salsa”. Renaissance Tuscan Seasoning, an inspired spice blend. Can be used to make a special dipping oil. North of the Border, a tasty rub on any meats. An elegant box of Pasta Vera bronze cut pasta. Yellow corn Tortilla chips. Magnificent and Beautifully displayed in a hand crafted wicker basket.