“Italian Love Story”

Italian sauce slow simmered with Love. Made with San Marzano Tomatoes DOP. San Marzano D.O.P. tomatoes (and this incredible recipe) originate from the small town of San Marzano sul Sarno near Naples, Italy. Grown in rich volcanic soils, sauces made with these tomatoes are among the absolute finest in the world.

When my wife Patty (aka Patty Puttanesca) would visit her grandmother’s house there was always a huge pot of gravy simmering on the stove top. Born in Italy, her Grandmother was the overseer of this pot of Magical, Mysterious Goodness. She often spent time with her Grammy making handmade pastas and Patty’s favorite was rolling Gnocchi.

Several years ago we uncovered the original Secret Recipe which we at J Daniel Gourmet Food have taken all the love and goodness and crafted in small batches and packaged especially for you to enjoy with your family.

We’ve done all the work so you can relax. Simply heat and serve with your favorite pasta or use as an ingredient in many Italian recipes such as chicken parmigiana, lasagna, or your favorite meatball dish.