“The Secret Recipe Hunter”

The Story of J Daniel, “Secret Recipe Hunter”

My passion for cooking began when I was 12 years old. I asked my dad for a Vitamix (in today’s world a food processor) for my birthday.

As my passion continued to develop I began creating unique and unusual meals. I loved learning traditional and delicious Italian recipes. I scoured the attic and basement at home in search of family recipe collections that had been tucked away over the years.

I loved using authentic and natural ingredients preparing everything from scratch and create my own exciting variations.

When I was sixteen and attending a catholic boys high school I began traveling to different parts of Europe. Italy being one of my favorite places! I have traveled to every region of Italy many times.

In later years I enjoyed the most gratifying experiences of cooking with many chefs from Florence to Taormina, Sicily. Some of my favorite chefs Lorenza De’ Medici, who I later connected with in the states, Chef Maurizio and Chef Genaro.

A favorite memory is when I was cooking with Chef Gino in Orvieto, small village outside of Rome. It was former Abbey that has been converted to a five-star restaurant and hotel called Hotel La Badia. It has a 25-foot wood fired grill. I spent time with chef Gino cooking with him on the grill a variety of meats and vegetables.

While traveling across the UK I had the great pleasure of spending time with a chef /Pub Landlord from Wanstead, and we shared many recipes, stories and a few Pints in the kitchen. Thus the origin of The Secret Recipe Hunters soon to be legendary and Authentic “Steak & Ale Pie”.

During my travels through Ireland I’ve had the pleasure of cooking with many great regional chefs from Waterford up the coast to Cork and had a wonderful experience at the Lake Hotel in Killarney. Then onto a Summer hot spot in Dingle. From there to Galway Bay and spent time cooking with Chef Jimmy O’Shea. Great friends, good times and many new Recipes.

Over many years I have traveled though the Caribbean and met many a chef character with huge personalities. Many have graciously opened their kitchens to me and shared some incredible recipes from Conch Chowder (an Island Staple) to Grilled Jamaican fish, Curries and stews.

While I was living near Harvard square I had the great pleasure of meeting Julia Child at her favorite shop where she sourced her meats. I was fortunate to be able to engage in a small cooking class she taught.

I owned and operated a few successful restaurants over the years and I finally sold the last of them when my wife and I settled to start our family.

My wife, an Emergency Room Nurse, as always asked me to prepare different foods for her to take to work for various birthday, retirement parties and other events. My fans of the emergency department really enjoyed and praised the treats I have sent in over the past 25 years. They continually urged me, along with many family members to bottle my sauces and dressings. Funny thing my sister in law, Debbie, had me bottle 100 of Nonnie’s Tuscan Italian dressing and marinade (recipe from Great Great Grandmother) as gifts for those who attended her wedding.

In my travels I have found chefs all over the world are an open society that unlock recipes centuries old that are handed down from generation to generation often times by word of mouth.

I continue my love and passion of being on a relentless pursuit for lost and forgotten recipes. In addition to formulating new and exciting culinary delights. This quest has brought me to J Daniel Gourmet Food. I have selected some of my most popular and favorite to begin our collection of gourmet offerings with many others to follow.

Please enjoy and share with family and friends, as I have, these many years.

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My love to Patty, Jenny, Melissa, Jimmy and Matt for their continued support, unconditional love and many nights on the tasting panel and cleanup crew.

Buon Appetito

J Daniel

“The Secret Recipe Hunter”